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Veye shares only generic financial views through its website, reports and newsletters and the views/opinions shared by our Representatives/Account Managers via phone are purely based on our reports and newsletters already published on our website. Their view/opinion does not keep into consideration your personal financial needs or investment objectives. In addition, our Representatives/Account Managers are not obliged to update you if the information or advice changes. All investments have a varied outcome and do not always guarantee returns as per your expectations. Therefore, we do not advise you to interpret our reports/advice as direct recommendation for any investments. You should always seek professional advice from your financial advisor or stockbroker before acting on any of our content or taking a final decision on your investments.

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Disclaimer : Veye Pty Ltd (ABN 54601621390) authorised representative (AR No. 001261006) of Vested Equities Pty Ltd which holds Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 478987). Veye is authorised to share only generic financial views through its website, reports and newsletters without taking into consideration your personal financial needs or investment objectives. Although Veye takes the utmost care to ensure the accuracy of the content and that the information is gathered and processed from reliable resources, it is recommended you seek professional advice from your financial advisor or stockbroker before acting on any of our recommendations. Veye Pty Ltd advises it’s users to pursue investing as a long-term goal. Stocks are subject to real time changes therefore all the information we share represents our views at the date of publishing and we request our readers not to interpret our reports as direct recommendations. Past performance is no indication of potential future performance. The securities and financial products we study and share information on in Veye Reports may have a product disclosure statement or other offer document associated with them. You should obtain a copy of these documents before making any decision about acquiring the security or product. You can refer to our Term & Conditions and Financial Services Guide for more information. Veye Pty Ltd confirms that the employees and/or associates of Veye Pty Ltd do not hold positions in any of the financial products covered on the website on the date of publishing this report (as mentioned on the website www.veye.com.au).

Our Liability to you

Under no circumstances will Veye Pty Ltd be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages of any type whatsoever related to or arising from this website or any use of this website or its content, or of any site or resource/ information linked to, referenced, or accessed through this website, or for the use or downloading of, or access to, any materials, information, products, or services, including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, lost savings or loss of programs or other data, even if Veye Pty Ltd is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages. To the extent permissible by legislation, we limit any liability we may have to you to the resupply of services or the cost of re-supply of the subscription services.

Veye Pty Ltd or their staffs does not guarantee performance of any financial or securities product recommended by us on this website or in our reports. You acknowledge that any reliance on any such opinion, advice, recommendation, statement, memorandum, or information for making any investment decisions shall be at your sole risk and therefore it would be wise to seek professional advice before taking any such decisions.

Governing Law

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Data Security

You will only have access to the services you have subscribed to as a user. And, while subscribing you are required to share your personal information including First Name, Last Name, email address, billing address and your credit or debit card information. You certify that all the information shared by you is accurate. And, you also agree to keep your information up to date as necessary. In case of your information available with us being inaccurate, Veye reserves the right to cancel your subscription. Veye Pty Ltd reserves the right to increase the subscription price during renewals and you will be intimated about such changes when we contact you to register your interest for renewals. Once you have subscribed to our services, as a paid member you will have exclusive access to subscriber-only section of our website and emails. Subscribers will be able to access these services by logging onto our web portal through a unique ID and password shared with you via e-mail. Subscribers must not reveal any username(s) or password(s) or forward paid services emails to any third party. The free e-letters can be viewed on their dedicated websites or subscribed to by email. Veye reserves Password amendment rights and other security procedures for access to veye.com.au at any time.

In the event of confidentiality of your User Identification and Password being compromised, you are required to notify us of the same on priority. Any lapse in doing so would entitle us to construe all activity on veye.com.au using that Password as being for and on behalf of you and you agree to pay all Fees so incurred and to take responsibility for all actions of persons using your Password.

30 day 100% money back guarantee

Subscribers are entitled for 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of buying a membership. However this guarantee is only applicable to new subscribers and excludes those who are renewing their services. No requests for refund on subscription will be entertained after 30 days from the subscription payment.

Staff trading policy

We do our best to avoid conflicts of interest with subscribers. And, this requires us to impose restrictions on staff trading and disclosure of staff holdings. The trading restrictions imposed are as follows:

  • Approval for all staff trades is mandatory and needs to be obtained from one of the Veye Pty Ltd Directors and is subjected to their sole discretion.
  • Staff must not trade against a buy or sell recommendation. The approval to go against this rule is only granted in exceptional circumstances.
  • All investments must be held by the staff for at least 30 days, other than in exceptional circumstances and with the express waiver of this requirement (excluding corporate actions such as dividend reinvestment, takeovers, etc.).
  • Staff will not be permitted to trade until at least 24 hours after publication of any recommendation change.

Possible Service Limitations & Support

Although we have adequate arrangements in place to maintain continuity of our business in an event of disruption but in exceptional circumstances we may still get impacted by factors (such as but not limited interruptions to internet services impacting Veye, you or our service providers) beyond our control thereby affecting the quality, frequency and availability of our reports. And, as a result of government policies, changing laws, the need to edit or remove content, introduction of new of different product features or functionalities, we may change or withdraw some part of our services from time to time.

Our operating hours are 9AM to 5PM (Sydney Time) on normal business days and you can reach us by calling - (02) 9052 4957 or dropping us an e-mail at - info@veye.com.au anytime. In case we are experiencing heavy call and e-mail flow which may sometimes be the case, we may take up to 24 hours to respond to your query via e-mail or get back to you via phone. We thank you for your understanding and patience during such scenarios in advance. All calls and queries will be attended to on first come first served basis to ensure fairness.

Our Representatives /Account Managers

Our Representatives/Account Managers are available to provide you service during our operating hours from 9AM to 5PM (Sydney Time) on normal business days. Any views/opinions shared by our Representatives/Account Managers on Stocks/Stock Market via phone are purely based on our reports and newsletters already published on our website. Their view/opinion does not keep into consideration your personal financial needs or investment objectives. And, no representation is being made that any subscriber or other third party will or is likely to achieve profits or losses. In addition, our Representatives/Account Managers are not obliged to update you if the information or advice changes.

Addressing breach and managing changes to these Terms & Conditions

Breach of these Terms and Conditions by any subscriber or website user may result in cancellation of their subscription or suspension of their website access, amended or cancelled. We reserve our right to take whatever action is available to us under the law including cancelling any subscription at any time, for any reason, regardless of whether a breach of these terms and conditions has occurred.

We also have the right to investigate any breach or complaint about violations of these terms and conditions. Under any such situations, we will take necessary actions to protect ourselves and may also report any unlawful activity to the relevant legal authorities.

We reserve the right to change all or part of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Whenever such changes are made, an updated Terms and Conditions document will be posted on our websites. Your subsequent or continued use of this website and/or receipt of our emails will constitute your acceptance of any changes. As you are bound by these Terms and Conditions, we recommend that you keep referring back to them at regular intervals to keep yourself abreast of any changes.

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