Is a vaccine against coronavirus expected soon?

Team Veye | 22-Jun-2020 vaccine against coronavirus

COVID-19 was first confirmed in Australia in late January 2020. Till now the total reported cases have been 7461 with 6896 recovered and 102 deaths. As per World Health Organisation, there have been 8,690,140 confirmed cases of COVID-19, globally, including 461,274 deaths reported to WHO.

Naturally, with no sign of abatement, the world has been scrambling to find a vaccine to treat the virus. Many drug development programmes are currently on in different parts of the world. This includes several major players.

The announcement by President Trump regarding availability of vaccine by the end of year was initially met with hope but later turned into doubt and skepticism indicating the desperation all over. 

Vaccines normally take years of research and testing before reaching the clinics. They have to go through mainly pre clinical, safety, efficacy and approval phases before they can hit the market.

Although, most of the researches are moving forward with the sole aim to find new formulations, some are even trying old vaccines for a temporary relief. Many pharma companies which were in the final stages of starting human trials are already learnt to be advancing these dates.

As it becomes clearer that the vaccine availability may still be away by a few months, if not longer, there is developing another seemingly urgency. It is regarding anything which could be made available in the meantime to keep our economies running.

An intermediate could be a drug which could prevent people from getting really sick or dying but may not shield them from catching coronavirus.

Though the ultimate goal would be complete eradication of coronavirus, people may settle for a vaccine that could deliver albeit with some limitations. This could catalyse the return to pre pandemic life.


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