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The launch of XTD’s Cross Track Digital media system brings a new era of rail transport communications to the world’s major metro networks. XTD is an Australian-based, internationally focused business offering a world-first digital media system that brings new revenue streams to major rail operators. At the heart of XTD’s adaptable system are large-format high-definition screens that complement existing advertising displays and engage rail commuters with crystal clear video images supported by high-definition sound installations in the immediate proximity. XTD is a stand-alone digital media channel that does not interfere with any of the existing station controls which also enables easy installation into almost any metro train network in the world, both underground or aboveground. It can broadcast in either real-time or near-real time, localised information for rail commuters by station including timetable, local weather, events and news. In 2016 Contact Light, the innovation division of XTD, launched a native smartphone app called EMBARK™ on both the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. The app is designed as a ubiquitous global transit utility and content platform for commuters in hundreds of cities around the world. EMBARK is a mobile technology solution that allows users to navigate to any destination serviced by public transport, walking, cycling, or ride-sharing services such as Uber. EMBARK uses patented technology that provides a frictionless connection between OOH media installations and the user’s mobile device using WiFi and Bluetooth technologies.