Woolworths Ltd (ASX:WOW)

Company's Profile

Woolworths Group Limited is a retail powerhouse operating across Australia and New Zealand. With a diverse portfolio of segments, the company caters to a wide range of customers and businesses. The Australian Food segment focuses on procuring and reselling food and related products, serving customers through the well-known Woolworths Supermarkets brand. The Australian B2B segment plays a crucial role in the procurement and distribution of food and related products to other businesses, while also providing supply chain services in Australia.In New Zealand, the company operates under the New Zealand Food segment, which procures and resells food and drinks while providing services to retail customers. The Countdown Supermarkets brand is synonymous with quality and convenience in the New Zealand market. Meanwhile, the BIG W segment stands as a prominent player in the Australian retail scene, specializing in discounted general merchandise products for retail customers.