South32 Ltd (ASX:S32)

Company's Profile

South32 Limited is a mining and metals company with a diverse range of operations across multiple segments. These segments include Worsley Alumina, Brazil Alumina, Brazil Aluminium, Hillside Aluminium, Mozal Aluminium, Sierra Gorda, Cannington, Hermosa, Cerro Matoso, Illawarra Metallurgical Coal, Australia Manganese, and South Africa Manganese. The company's activities span various regions, including Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Chile, the United States, and Colombia. South32 is involved in bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminum smelting, copper mining, silver, lead, and zinc mining, base metals exploration and development, nickel production, metallurgical coal mining, and manganese mining. With its extensive portfolio of operations, South32 plays a significant role in the mining and metals industry, contributing to the global supply of key commodities.