Reece Ltd (ASX:REH)

Company's Profile

Reece Limited, an Australia-based enterprise, specializes in the plumbing and bathroom supplies sector. The company sources a variety of plumbing and bathroom products from both local and international markets across Australia. Reece Limited operates through distinct business divisions, including bathroom & kitchen, plumbing, irrigation, pools, civil construction, HVAC, fire, and onsite services. The company's plumbing center and bathroom life showrooms serve as hubs for distributing bathroom, kitchen, and laundry products. The HVAC segment focuses on providing specialized equipment, components, and supplies for the commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. In the realm of civil construction, Reece Limited offers specialized products and services catering to activities like water mains and sewerage. The company also supplies high-quality pool products to pool builders, plumbers, and maintenance professionals. The irrigation division is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services to irrigation contractors and landscapers. Furthermore, Reece Limited's onsite services cater to the unique needs of home builders and commercial developers, delivering plumbing and bathroom products tailored to their requirements.