Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Ltd (ASX:GMA)

Company's Profile

Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Limited (ASX:GMA) is a provider of lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) in Australia. The Company is involved in loan mortgage insurance business. It underwrites LMI through flow and portfolio channels. In Australia, LMI facilitates residential mortgage lending by transferring risk from lenders to LMI providers, for high loan to value ratio residential mortgage loans. The Company has commercial relationships with over 100 lenders across Australia. It engages in residential mortgage policy development with the lending institutions, government bodies, local and international regulators and industry bodies. Its offerings include Standard LMI, Homebuyer Plus and Business Select/Low Doc. Its Standard LMI is available for a range of borrowers, including first homebuyers and investors wishing to access residential mortgage finance. Its Family Pledge is available for borrowers, mainly first homebuyers with no deposit.