Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd (ASX:CWY)

Company's Profile

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited, headquartered in Australia, is a comprehensive waste management, industrial, and environmental services provider. Within its Solid Waste Services segment, the company handles the collection, recovery, and disposal of various solid waste types, including putrescible waste, inert waste, household waste, and recovered waste.

In the Industrial & Waste Services segment, Cleanaway offers a range of services tailored to industries such as resources, oil and gas, industrial, and infrastructure. These services encompass high-pressure cleaning, vacuum loading, pipeline maintenance, non-destructive digging, drain cleaning, and CCTV inspection.

The Liquid Waste & Health Services segment comprises two divisions: Liquid Waste focuses on the collection, treatment, processing, refining, recycling, and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, hydrocarbons, and chemical waste. Meanwhile, Health Services cater to the health sector, providing safe treatment and disposal solutions for health-related waste.