Bapcor ltd (ASX:BAP)

Company's Profile

Bapcor Limited operates in the automotive aftermarket industry in Australia and New Zealand, with a focus on selling and distributing vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, services, and solutions. The company is divided into four segments: Bapcor Trade, Bapcor New Zealand, Bapcor Specialist Wholesale, and Bapcor Retail. Bapcor Trade is the largest segment and provides aftermarket parts distribution to independent and chain mechanic workshops, with Burson Auto Parts and Precision Automotive Equipment being part of it. Bapcor New Zealand operates across 88 locations and includes trade and specialist wholesale businesses such as Brake & Transmission, Autolign, and HCB Technologies. Bapcor Specialist Wholesale specializes in automotive aftermarket wholesale, with operations like AAD, Bearing Wholesalers, and Baxters/MTQ. Lastly, Bapcor Retail serves retail customers through brands like Autobarn, Autopro, and Opposite Lock. In summary, Bapcor Limited has a significant presence in the automotive aftermarket industry in Australia and New Zealand. The company operates across different segments, enabling it to serve a wide range of customers.