About Us


Veye is a leading independent equities research firm dedicated to helping its clients improve their investment results through unbiased and precise recommendations around buying, selling or holding stocks. Our sole purpose is to empower our clients in achieving their financial ambitions through our expertise innovation, excellence & service. We believe in building effective, long-term relationships through trust and mutual benefit and strive hard to help you accumulate or multiply your wealth and attain a state of financial freedom in your life.

As an investor, it’s very common for someone to buy stocks that are in news but they forget – all that glitters is not gold. Not only it is important to take a decision on what and when to buy, it is even more important to decide on when to hold or sell off the stock – your prized possession. If one fails to sell on time, they may loose the opportunity to reap the benefits that they have expected. And, this is where our expertise combined with our experience in the markets can be availed to take well informed decisions which help you accumulate your hard earned wealth.

Some of the key benefits of availing our expert guidance are:

  • Gain from lower valuations on fundamentally strong companies which are hard to identify
  • Worry free life from the daily turbulence in the market.
  • Creation of your own portfolio of valuable stocks
  • Gain from dividends paid
  • Continuous monitoring plus navigation on stocks recommended
  • Value investing philosophy followed by investment experts applied to provide recommendations to investors