5 Dividend + Growth ASX Stocks For 2020 You Must Not Miss !!

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As investors, you may easily fall victim to the Dividend Traps(Highest Dividend Yield Stocks) if you don’t pay heed to the fact that the stock is not under-valued i.e. it doesn’t have the required growth potential. Consequentially, this would have an impact on the Dividend Payouts as well. And, you lose on both the fronts – Dividend & Stock Growth. We must keep in mind that Dividend Yield and Stock price are inversely proportional to each other - when stock price goes down, the dividend yield goes up as part of company’s retention strategy. And such Highest Dividend Yield stocks without gauging the growth potential of the company must be avoided at all costs.

At Veye, we help you find those hidden gems that make your investment strategy reap richer rewards in a longer term through a combination of both Dividend and growth instead of simply investing in the highest dividend yield stocks. And keeping in sync with that strategy, we share with you those Top 5 Dividend + Growth stocks in the market right now that you must not miss.

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