Charter Hall Group, unlocking investment opportunities
Team Veye | 25 Oct,2021

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) on 23 August 2021 announced full year

Worley Limited, transforming its operations to sustainable Energy
Team Veye | 21 Oct,2021

Worley Limited (ASX: WOR) Worley Limited (ASX: WOR) on 19 October 2021 announced that it had rece

Hotel Property Investments Limited, delivering on its strategy
Team Veye | 14 Oct,2021

Hotel Property Investments Limited (ASX: HPI) Hotel Property Investments Limited (ASX: HPI) on 11

Austin Engineering Limited, broadened product range
Team Veye | 11 Oct,2021

Austin Engineering Limited (ASX: ANG) Austin Engineering Limited (ASX: ANG) is an Australia-based

Qube Holdings Limited, enhancing geographical diversity
Team Veye | 15 Sep,2021

Qube Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB) Qube Holdings Limited (ASX; QUB) on 8 September 2021 entered int

Team Veye | 02 Sep,2021

Financials: ABACUS PROPERTY GROUP (ASX: ABP) (Source: Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters) From

Ashley Services Group Limited, acquisitions making a positive contribution
Team Veye | 31 Aug,2021

Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH) Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH) on 31 August an

Team Veye | 26 Aug,2021

Financials: TABCORP HOLDINGS LTD (ASX: TAH) (Source: Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters) From the

Chorus Limited, strong operational performance
Team Veye | 23 Aug,2021

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) on 23 August 2021 released its audited annual

Austal Limited
Team Veye | 17 Aug,2021

From the Company Reports Austal USA adds maintenance and modernization contract for East Coast US

Abacus Property Group, strong asset backed, annuity style business model
Team Veye | 07 Jul,2021

Abacus Property Group (ASX: ABP) Abacus Property Group (ASX: ABP) on 6 July 2021 announced that i

Aventus Group
Team Veye | 22 Jun,2021

From the Company Reports Aventus divests MacGregor Home and independent valuations of Aventus Por

Qube Holding Limited
Team Veye | 10 Jun,2021

Financials: QUBE HOLDINGS LIMITED (ASX: QUB) (Source: Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters) (

Worley Limited, accelerating its strategic transformation
Team Veye | 08 Jun,2021

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Worley Limited (ASX: WOR) on 1 June 2021 had been awarded an engineerin

BSA Limited, strong cash performance
Team Veye | 20 May,2021

BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) on 18 February 2021, released the half yearly repor

Worley Ltd
Team Veye | 27 Apr,2021

From the Company Reports Worley awarded a contract to provide brownfield solutions to Gulf of Mex

Cromwell Property (CMW)
Team Veye | 20 Apr,2021

From the Company Reports Financial and Capital Management Performance Real estate investor and

Charter Hall Group, benefiting from major structural shifts
Team Veye | 09 Apr,2021

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) on 11 March 2021 together with Abacus

Hotel Property Investments, established the foundation for future growth
Team Veye | 07 Apr,2021

Hotel Property Investments (ASX: HPI) Hotel Property Investments (ASX: HPI) on 18 February 2021 p

Ashley Services Group Limited, improved divisional profitability
Team Veye | 03 Mar,2021

Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH) First Half 2021 Results Ashley Services Group Limited

Austal Limited, earnings growth driven by stronger shipbuilding margins
Team Veye | 02 Mar,2021

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) on 1 March 2021 announced that Austal USA had

Aventus Group, sustained portfolio growth
Team Veye | 30 Dec,2020

Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) on 19 November 2020 made a business update for

Hotel Property Investments, gaining traction
Team Veye | 29 Dec,2020

Hotel Property Investments (ASX: HPI) Acquisitions and Equity Raising Hotel Property Investmen

BSA Limited, continuous targeting inorganic growth
Team Veye | 21 Dec,2020

BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) BSA secures Unified Field Operations (Services) Agreement with NBN BSA

Abacus Property Group
Team Veye | 10 Dec,2020

Abacus Property Group (ASX: ABP) is a diversified real estate investment trust with an investment po

Ashley Services Group Limited, profit lift on reduced revenue
Team Veye | 09 Nov,2020

Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH) Ashley Services Group Limited completes acquisition of a

Austal Limited, significant improvement in margin
Team Veye | 06 Nov,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Vietnam delivers 94 metre catamaran ferry to NIDCo of Trinidad a

Worley Limited, delivering through global disruption
Team Veye | 22 Oct,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) BASF awards Worley a framework licensing 

Qube Holdings Limited, results reflect the benefits of its diversified activities
Team Veye | 07 Oct,2020

Qube Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB) Qube delivers solid result in the face of a global pandemic 

Charter Hall Group, strategy demonstrating its resilience
Team Veye | 02 Oct,2020

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) Extending the “bp Partnership” Creation of NZD $262 mi

Abacus Property Group
Team Veye | 08 Sep,2020

From the Company Reports Abacus Property Group FY20 Results Abacus Property Group (ASX: ABP) (

Aventus Group, driving sustainable earnings growth and creating long-term value
Team Veye | 03 Sep,2020

Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) Aventus delivers solid results despite challenging times Aventus Grou

Chorus Limited, continues to explore opportunities to grow revenues
Team Veye | 26 Aug,2020

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) Chorus delivers in-line result despite COVID-19 impact Chorus Limite

Austal Limited
Team Veye | 20 Aug,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) is engaged in the design, manufacture and sustainment of high-performance

Cromwell Property Group, having pipeline consisting of a number of exciting opportunities
Team Veye | 05 Aug,2020

Cromwell Property Group (ASX: CMW) Cromwell unveils further positive funds outcomes IN Australia,

Worley Limited, enhancing its global operations
Team Veye | 21 Jul,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Worley increases stake in TW Power Services to 100% Worley Limited (

Austal Limited, achieving a significant milestone
Team Veye | 17 Jul,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) on 15 July 2020 announced that Aulong Shipbui

Chorus Limited, significant impact on Q4 fibre activity due to lockdown
Team Veye | 13 Jul,2020

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) Q4 FY20 overview Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) (Chorus) on 10 July

Cromwell Property Group(CMW )
Team Veye | 30 Jun,2020

From the Company Reports Directors intend to reject the unsolicited and opportunistic ARA proport

BSA Limited, continues resilient performance
Team Veye | 30 Jun,2020

BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) Trading update, Dividend policy, Growth initiatives & Capital manageme

Austal Limited, investments to have long-term benefits
Team Veye | 25 Jun,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) US Government to invest US$50m in Austal USA shipbuilding and maintenan

Qube Holdings Limited, confirms commitment from Woolworths
Team Veye | 25 Jun,2020

Qube Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB) Qube confirms commitment from Woolworths to new Regional and Nat

Aventus Group, acquires high profile and strategically located site
Team Veye | 20 Jun,2020

Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) Aventus Acquires Adjoining Development Site Epping, Victoria Aventus

Worley Limited, positioning in the global offshore wind market
Team Veye | 16 Jun,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Alcoa Australia awards services contract to&nb

Qube Holdings Limited, benefitting from its diversified operations
Team Veye | 06 Jun,2020

Qube Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB) Qube Successfully Completes Retail Entitlement Offer Qube Hol

Austal Limited, increasing guidance
Team Veye | 02 Jun,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal increases FY2020 earnings guidance Austal Limited (ASX: ASB)

Chorus Limited, witnessing strong growth
Team Veye | 07 May,2020

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) Chorus Q3 FY20 Connections Update Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) (Chorus)

Austal Limited, shifting focus to future Naval Warfare opportunities?
Team Veye | 05 May,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Australia awarded $324 million contracts to build six Cape-class

Worley Limited, maintaining stability?
Team Veye | 01 May,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Updated response to market conditions Worley Limited (ASX; WOR), a l

Does Austal Limited continue to have efficient operating performance?
Team Veye | 10 Apr,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Business Update and Response to Covid-19 Austal Limited (Austal) (AS

Did Cromwell Property Group continue to improve its portfolio valuation?
Team Veye | 10 Apr,2020

Cromwell Property Group (ASX: CMW) Mandatory Commercial Tenancy Code of Conduct and Cromwell FY20

Can Worley Limited provide high value for its customers?
Team Veye | 02 Apr,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Shell awards Worley contracts for a new sulfuric acid plant in Indonesi

Can Chorus Limited have significant capacity headroom?
Team Veye | 27 Mar,2020

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) (Chorus) on 23 March 2020 announced that

Did Austal Limited benefit from its innovative production processes?
Team Veye | 26 Mar,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal USA Operations Remain Open US Navy Shipbuilding Declared A Cr

Does Zenith Energy Limited have an opportunity that aligns with its strategy to maximise shareholder returns?
Team Veye | 24 Mar,2020

Zenith Energy Limited (ASX: ZEN) Zenith Energy Expands Power Station for Billabong Golds’ P

Chorus Limited
Team Veye | 12 Mar,2020

Chorus Limited (ASX: CNU) (Chorus) is a telecommunications infrastructure company. The Company maint

Will Austal Limited continue with quality, cost and productivity improvements?
Team Veye | 04 Mar,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Increases NPAT by 72% Austal Limited (Austal) (ASX: ASB) on 2

Is Charter Hall Group experiencing consistent growth in all segments?
Team Veye | 28 Feb,2020

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) Charter Hall 1H FY20 Results and Upgraded Earnings Guidance Char

Did Worley Limited enhance the diversity and resilience of its earnings?
Team Veye | 26 Feb,2020

Worley Limited (ASX; WOR) Half Year 2020 Result Strong Interim Results for Integrated Business

Can Austal Limited prove its global capability?
Team Veye | 10 Feb,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal’s Australian Operations approved to bid for US Naval ship

Is Ashley Services Group Limited™s recent acquisition an ideal fit for it?
Team Veye | 01 Feb,2020

Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH) Ashley Services Group Limited completes acquisition of a

Has Austal Limited added to multi mission capability of its customers?
Team Veye | 20 Jan,2020

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal USA Delivers USNS Puerto Rico (EPF 11) to U.S. Navy Austal Li

How significant is Charter Hall Group™s acquisition activity?
Team Veye | 20 Jan,2020

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) Charter Hall announces $1.25 billion of acquisitions and upgraded E

Does Aventus Group have core strategy of delivering organic growth through intensive asset management?
Team Veye | 16 Jan,2020

Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) Portfolio Value Increases Following Preliminary Valuations for 31 Decemb

Is Austin Engineering Limited moving to growth phase?
Team Veye | 30 Dec,2019

Austin Engineering Limited (ASX: ANG) Austin Confirms Earnings Guidance Austin Engineering Lim

Cromwell Property
Team Veye | 24 Dec,2019

From the Company Reports Cromwell Confirms Acquisition of Third-Party Investor Interests in Cromw

Is Worley Limited building on long-term relationships?
Team Veye | 24 Dec,2019

Worley Limited (ASX: WOR) Marathon Petroleum awards Worley a&n

Has Worley Limited achieved a significant milestone for further development?
Team Veye | 10 Dec,2019

Worley Limited (ASX: WOR) Uzatom and Worley have entered 

Does Austal continue to receive great international interest?
Team Veye | 03 Dec,2019

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Australia Delivers 5th Guardian Class Patrol Boat in less than 1

Has BSA devised an innovative delivery and contractual strategy?
Team Veye | 15 Nov,2019

BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) BSA is awarded $30M Contract for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnels Fire Su

Worleyparsons Limited
Team Veye | 07 Nov,2019

Worley Limited (ASX: WOR), formerly WorleyParsons Limited, is a professional service business compan

Can Cromwell Property Group sustain its growth?
Team Veye | 30 Oct,2019

Cromwell Property Group (ASX: CMW) Cromwell Confirms Acquisition of Third-Party Investor Interest

Are Austal Limited™s future opportunities expanding?
Team Veye | 29 Oct,2019

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) New 115 Metre High-Speed Catamaran for Molslinjen - Largest Ferry to Be

Is Hotel Property Investments losing strength?
Team Veye | 25 Oct,2019

Hotel Property Investments (ASX: HPI) Financial Results for the year ended 30 June 2019, distribu

Has the Worleyparsons Limited resumed uptrend?
Team Veye | 18 Oct,2019

Worleyparsons Limited (ASX: WOR) Worleyparsons Limited (Worley) (ASX: WOR) on 16 October 2019 not

Aventus Retail Property Fund
Team Veye | 26 Sep,2019

Aventus Group (ASX: AVN) is an Australia-based company engaged in the investment and management of r

BSA Limited
Team Veye | 05 Sep,2019

BSA Limited (ASX: BSA) is a technical service contracting company. The Company's segments includ

Is Cromwell Property Group™s strategy execution driving profits?
Team Veye | 02 Sep,2019

Cromwell Property Group (ASX: CMW) Real estate investor and manager Cromwell Property Group (ASX:

Did Qube Holdings™ diversification strategy help in their continued good performance?
Team Veye | 30 Aug,2019

Qube Holdings Limited (ASX: QUB) Qube delivers another positive result with earnings growth acros

Charter Hall Group
Team Veye | 22 Aug,2019

Charter Hall Group (ASX: CHC) is a property company. The Company is engaged in managing the office,

Can sustainment work provide growth to Austal Limited?
Team Veye | 17 Aug,2019

Austal Limited (ASX: ASB) Austal Awarded US$23 Million Support Contract from U.S. Navy for USS Tu

Will Worleyparsons continue the trend?
Team Veye | 02 Aug,2019

WorleyParsons Limited (ASX: WOR) BP awards hook-up and commissioning contract to Worley Worley

Can Austal outperform the Aerospace industry?
Team Veye | 27 Jun,2019

Austal (ASX: ASB) Austal (ASX: ASB) announced on 25 June 2019 that the 10th Independence Class Li

Is Tabcorp Holdings Limited™s balance sheet risky?
Team Veye | 14 Jun,2019

Tabcorp Holdings Limited (ASX: TAH) Tabcorp Holdings Limited is engaged in the provision of gambl

Is Cromwell Property Group favourite of the institutional investors?
Team Veye | 12 Jun,2019

Cromwell Property Group (ASX: CMW) Cromwell Property Group gave its business update on 7 May 2019

Will WorlyParsons Limited move into the next price channel now?
Team Veye | 01 Jun,2019

WorlyParsons Limited (ASX: WOR) Worley delivers projects, provides expertise in engineering, proc

Qube Holdings Limited
Team Veye | 02 May,2019

From the Company Reports On 21st Feb’19, the company released its H1 FY19 results deliverin

Will WorleyParsons stay range bound for a longer period?
Team Veye | 29 Apr,2019

WorleyParsons Ltd (ASX:WOR) On 26th Apr’19, the company had announced that it had commenced

Will WorleyParsons continue to recover and head north?
Team Veye | 22 Mar,2019

WorleyParsons Ltd (ASX:WOR) On 21st Mar’19, yesterday, the company released an update on ac

Cromwell Property Group
Team Veye | 19 Feb,2019

From the Company Reports On 18th Jan’19, the company announced an extension of its on-marke

Will Tabcorp Holdings head north?
Team Veye | 19 Feb,2019

Tabcorp Holdings Ltd (ASX: TAH) The company released its H1 FY19 results on 13th Feb’19 del

Hotel Property Investments Ltd
Team Veye | 10 Oct,2018

From the Company Reports The Company released its FY2018 results on 22nd Aug’18 highlightin

Qube Holdings Ltd
Team Veye | 27 Sep,2018

From the Company Reports On 23rd Aug’18, the company released its FY2018 results declaring

WorleyParsons Ltd
Team Veye | 13 Sep,2018

WorleyParsons Ltd (ASX:WOR) is a professional services business company. The principal activities of

Tabcorp Holdings Ltd
Team Veye | 09 Aug,2018

Tabcorp Holdings Limited is engaged in the provision of gambling and entertainment services. The Com

APN Outdoor Group Ltd
Team Veye | 29 May,2018

From the Company Reports On 20th Feb’18, the company declared its FY2017 results highlighti