Is HeraMED Limited having a large addressable potential market?

Team Veye | 26 Mar 2020 ASX - HMD
Is HeraMED Limited having a large addressable potential market?

HeraMED Limited (ASX: HMD)

Company Update

COVID-19 to accelerate global opportunities for HMD’s telehealth solution

HeraMED Limited (ASX: HMD) (“HeraMED” or the “Company”), a medical technology company leading the digital transformation of maternity care with its proprietary in-home maternity care platform, on 24 March 2020 advised that it has received a significant uplift in interest and demand for its proprietary in-home pregnancy monitoring products HeraBEAT and HeraCARE.

(Graphic Source – Company Reports)

  • The recent outbreak of COVID-19, while being one of the most challenging medical events in recent history and a rolling global tragedy, has also presented HMD with a range of unique opportunities to expedite roll-out of its proprietary in-home maternity care products HeraBEAT and HeraCARE 
  • Significant surge in demand for tele-health solutions globally following Governments urging self-isolation and hospitals working under extreme pressure, fast-tracking commercialisation 
  • HeraCARE enables remote, in-home mother and foetal wellbeing monitoring and informed remote doctor consultation, ensuring expectant mothers adhere to isolation advice and minimise the risk of contracting COVID19 while visiting hospitals and clinics 
  • HMD has received a significant number of enquiries from healthcare providers globally regarding the rapid deployment and use of its HeraBEAT and HeraCARE platform 
  • The Company is focused on offering targeted assistance to the most promising leads of healthcare providers within the US, UK, Germany and Australia.


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The most advanced, comprehensive and medically validated telehealth solution for the maternity market 

HMD’s platform, HeraCARE has been developed in collaboration with world leading healthcare providers and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and its proprietary foetal and maternal heart rate monitor HeraBEAT, to offer medical data collection and prenatal assessment. In doing so, HeraCARE can accurately monitor the pregnancy, predict potential scenarios and decrease the number of pre and post-natal complications.

The utilisation of HMD’s technology enables real-time data collection that can be shared and inform remote consults with doctors, providing an efficient and effective solution for the management of vulnerable pregnant women and supporting Government advice on social isolation. (Data Source – Company Reports)


Veye’s Take

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has presented unprecedented challenges for Governments and medical bodies and hospitals and healthcare facilities are working at capacity and under extreme pressure. This coupled with Governments urging isolation and social distancing offers HMD a unique and significant opportunity to further roll out its telehealth solution. The surge in demand for tele-health solutions has been overwhelming and global healthcare systems are struggling to effectively treat patients at a distance and whilst they are working at capacity. HeraMED’s in-home pregnancy management platform can make a significant difference while providing meaningful, genuine medical value. Its services are offered through health care providers, insurers and employers to their pregnant audience to achieve the triple aim of cost reduction, increased satisfaction and better outcomes. Global Digital Health Market is expected to reach USD 423.11 billion by 2024. The stock has started trading at just above its strong resistance. The company seems to have a very good market and can do very well over a period of time. Veye maintains a "Hold" on “HeraMED Limited” at the current price of $0.135



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