How the bushfires are impacting the country?

Team Veye | 13 Jan 2020

How the bushfires are impacting the country?

Bushfires have been impacting Australia for more than a century now. This has caused extensive damage to property besides accounting for a huge number of fatalities. More than a billion animals have been dead in the current Australian bushfire.

Wildfires are reported to be raging outside many major cities in Australia. This has forced residents to flee with hundreds of homes destroyed and millions of acres burned.

The fires, though initially sparked in September 2019, have been blazing ever since. The hot and dry conditions which have always fueled the fires are not new to Australia. Most of New South Wales and Queensland have been experiencing shortfalls in rain since early 2017. The convergence of record-breaking temperatures, extended drought, and strong winds has made this year’s bushfires even more devastating. It was reported that a number of small fires started by lightning strikes had merged and grown. And when they merge, they increase the size and also open more uncontained areas.

Australia is taking all-out measures amid news of this being one of the worst fire seasons in the history of the country. Australia has deployed military planes and ships to provide aid to fleeing residents. The Defense Force is sending ships on supply missions and deploying helicopters to bring in more firefighters as roads were inaccessible. In New South Wales, firefighters were battling more than 100 fires according to the state’s Rural Fire Service. Military ships and aircraft were deployed on Wednesday to deliver water, food, and fuel to towns cut off by the fires.

The tourism industry, which is the backbone of the Australian economy, may be experiencing, if not directly then ripple effect of the bushfires. Most destinations in Australia remain safe. All international airports in Australia are operating as normal.  Authorities have pleaded with Australians to not scrap upcoming holiday plans as it was important to keep the local economies vibrant at these times


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