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Stock of the Week Report

We cover one interesting company, regularly every Thursday highlighting out of ASX 300. Our team of stock market analysts keep an eye out and cover a target company which we believe is potentially undervalued in the market but in fact, has an upside potential to perform ahead of the general market expectation. We typically search out companies that other analysts and general market experts have ignored, overlooked or simply misunderstood. They can be less well-known organisations or in some cases big names. If we think the market is out of step with the companys real potential we will recommend. This allows you to buy into a company with a chance of getting stable growth.

Dividend Investor Report

Each week we cover a company which offers a good combination of growth and dividends. It’s a key idea in many portfolios to have a balance between these kinds of potential “cash cow” companies compared to ‘rising star’ or “question mark” longer shots with higher risk /return. So, we help you pick a company which offers a good regular dividend and a lower-risk capital growth opportunity.

Masters of Growth

If you have a high-risk appetite, you may prefer to invest in companies that have a scope for high potential returns. After all, the greater the risk, the greater the reward is true for the stock market as well. If you’re looking to grow quickly when it comes to your investment, our analysts will suggest some handpicked companies that are speculated to do well in the future. You must, however, keep in mind that not every company may grow as expected.

Penny Stocks Report

In this report we cover low priced stocks chosen after proper screening, which can have the potential to provide quick and higher returns. We select companies which could be readying for next phase of growth. Since we try to pick such stocks at a very nascent stage, these could grow significantly in a very short time or can even tank. These are normally suitable for investors with risk appetite as such stocks are normally more volatile. Some of these do have the potential to become multi baggers. Including them in your portfolio, even for a short time, could exponentially increase your return prospects

Hot Sector Report

Veye has combined the basic business principle of either a pioneer or the best in bringing out the sector report for long term investors. In this, stocks having good growth potential, primarily from a sector which is in demand are shortlisted. These can be from a sector which is either prospective or currently in demand. Along with the report we also try to give an overview of the sector. While recommending, one stock out of the entire basket, best suited for investing at the moment, is highlighted. The recommendation does not cover buying price/ target range. As the overall sector also tends to perform, the stocks can have a better growth path. People who invested early in cloud computing or lithium stocks just when these were getting shaped up, and now sitting on good profits could be an illustration.

US Equity Opportunity Report

This report provides our Fundamental and Technical view on stocks mainly listed on Nasdaq. We cover such stocks which are offering an opportunity to invest and have the potential to outperform over time. As US is a leader in technology and world’s leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are listed at Nasdaq, it offers Australian Investors the convenience to explore openings for investment in such stocks. Our team of research analysts, after the initial screening process, present stocks from all sectors including emerging sectors which are either undervalued but have good business model and hold potential to deliver superior returns in due course of time. We also cover stocks that after undergoing some corrections are getting ready to resurge. Although no analyst will get every call right, the astute ones at Veye prove to be right far more often than wrong. Chosen at the right time, these stocks can have the potential to be multibaggers.

Healthcare Panorama

Healthcare has always been dominant to the global economy though in recent times it has assumed a vital role in the pathway to economic recovery. This in turn, can provide pressing opportunities to investors. Every fortnight, our team, guided by an expert on healthcare, scan the most opportune openings for investing in Healthcare IT, Hospitals/Providers, Medtech, Multilaterals, Pharma, Biotech and diagnostic sectors. Whether established or newbies, their main aim is to secure a low-risk high reward. This report can be a one stop solution for reflecting on views and insights, on particular stocks in the growing industry of Health sector.


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